Ninjatranqui is Nuno Mendes.

I consider myself a Design enthusiast, always looking for something new, something different, something better and yet meaningful.

I am an internationally awarded designer, based in Lisbon, with a multidisciplinary profile. I have experience as a creative director and as a teacher as well.

As is expected from a fierce and powerful ninja, I move easily within the following scopes: Graphic Design, Web Design, User Experience, Stealth, Brand Design, Motion Design, Creative Direction, Photography, Sound Design, Direction, and above all, Good Vibes.

I believe creativity has no physical boundaries. A designer can, and should, act on a vast array of mediums, to gain perspective and achieve unexpected results.

Whether in large or small teams, when deployed in unknown territory something amazing always happens, and to prove it, here is a list of recognition awards.

For inquiries, or just to say hello, get in touch.