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RTP2 Rebrand,
Motion Graphics

RTP2 is a public service television channel, known to the Portuguese as the home for culture. It has no advertising and aims to broadcast less mainstream, quality programs that are intellectually enriching.


I was responsible for defining motion branding guidelines.

The following motion graphics pieces were part of a major rebranding strategy, which involved a new identity and a new brand signature.


Contrary to our daily rhythm RTP2 has time on its side. All movements were planned to be slow and smooth. Emphasis is on content so all on-air graphics take their time to communicate with the viewer, unraveling with a sense of confidence and elegance.

One at a time the strips were animated using vertical and horizontal movements. No animation plugins were used.

The graphic elements were animated one by one.

As part of RTP2 rebranding, the on-air graphics guidelines were presented as a 25’’ motion graphics piece demonstrating the movements and subtleties that elements could perform in this brand universe by applying:

Faux 3D, transparency, smooth movements, ease in key frames, small reflections and symmetry.

Brought to life at Brandia